Panic! Announced for PlayStation Mobile

As mentioned on Ripstone’s website:

Panic! is a top-down action puzzler for PlayStation Mobile that requires quick thinking and fast reflexes. A giant alien slime monster is attacking the city! What can you do? Help a few survivors escape the city by creating blockades. Topple houses, drop bombs and throw buoys to save those about to be swallowed by the slime!

The concept for Panic! was one of several game concepts conceived during brainstorm sessions with our team and Nicolas Marinus, Managing Director at Thumbs Up.
The prototype for the game was part of a series of prototypes that have been mentioned on the projects section of our website since more than a year, and carried the working title ‘Guide The Flood’.

Since the gamescom event of 2011, Nicolas used the prototype for pitching purposes (as can be read in this customer testimonial), and later started working with Green Hill to accelerate the pitching process.

Screenshots of the prototype and game will follow soon.

Concept art for Panic!, by Stroke Studios

2 thoughts on “Panic! Announced for PlayStation Mobile”

  1. Panic! sounds like its going to be a hit!
    As someone who took art at school I do like looks at concept artwork for games.

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