Journey for Elysium – Rowing physics prototype

Client: Knight Moves

Date: March 2017 - May 2017

Duration: 28 man-days

An exploration game prototype featuring rowing physics that feel natural. Using the Oculus Touch controllers, you can grab a paddle with both hands, push yourself away from the shore, and start rowing! The boat can be influenced by water flows or gently floats towards areas of interest.

Fallen Gods prototype

Date: May 2014 - April 2015

Duration: 132 man-days

In 5 iterations we built the features required to express the unique team play aspect for this MOBA concept. The prototype features various character classes, weapons, skills, and real-time multiplayer in 8 vs 8 sessions.

SurgiSkins prototype

Client: Sky Surgery

Date: May 2013 - March 2014

Duration: 74 man-days

Prototype for a custom-built physics simulation used to assist surgeons performing live robotic laparoscopic surgery. We provided technical descriptions and drawings to allow our client to file for a patent.

Fireworks game prototype

Client: FlowFinger

Date: May 2012

Duration: 18 man-days

This concept is all about detonating fireworks and scoring combos. Our work included game design and three prototype iterations for this upcoming iOS puzzle game.

Undisclosed physics based puzzle game prototype

Client: APGO Limited HK

Date: March 2012

Duration: 9 man-days

Prototype consisting of the core gameplay mechanics and the more complex-to-program parts, allowing the client to evolve it further into a full game, ready for release on iOS and Android.

Air Support

Client: Thumbs Up Games

Date: June 2011

Duration: 7 man-days

In this physics based game concept based on circuit theory, you have to revive suffocating people by controlling a ventilation system.

Food Flick prototype

Client: Thumbs Up Games

Date: June 2011

Duration: 2 man-days

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Feed and evolve animals by flicking food at them coming from a conveyor belt. After discovering that this core concept was exactly the same as in Zoo Toss, the development originally estimated 4 man-days was halted.

Undisclosed mobile game

Client: PlayFirst

Date: April 2011

Duration: 5 man-days

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Bayou Bird

Client: Thumbs Up Games

Date: November 2010

Duration: 6 man-days

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Help a bird to hop over oil spills and junk, while aiming for the soap to clean the bird. The prototype was used to verify and improve this game concept, to allow comparing it to other concepts properly.

Color Collider

Client: Crazy Monkey Studios

Date: August 2010

Duration: 4 man-days

Brainstorm session and prototyping for a physics-based puzzle game with a color blending mechanic. After refining the game mechanics, the prototype was used for pitching. April 2011, the game was released by Capcom Mobile.

Undisclosed casual game

Client: Fishing Cactus

Date: July 2010

Duration: 6 man-days

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Client: Crazy Monkey Studios

Date: July 2010

Duration: 13 man-days

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Play as a Gremlin creature, sabotaging zeppelins and scoring combos as they explode. Three iterations were provided, greatly improving the initial concept.