Jean-Luc Dejaeghere & Bruno Devos – Quality & Production Managers – Veranneman Technical Textiles

We’ve hired PreviewLabs to design and make a custom app that can be used on the work floor. The one line communication, various project updates, et cetera, gave a clear project status with plenty of modification possibilities. The quick reaction time and delivery has proven that PreviewLabs was the best choice for our project.

Sagie Grunhaus – Head of VR – VRhealth Ltd.

We used PreviewLabs’ assistance for two VR prototypes we needed to build. Very professional software developers, good communication and quick delivery!

Lutz Luedtke – Managing Director – Keep Vision

New ideas need manifestation. Previewlabs does that with the latest technologies and their creative minds to get this job done. Anytime again!

Paul Oesten-Creasey – Associate Director – Wagstaffs

It has been great to meet a bunch of intelligent and engaged people who are able to turn around solutions to complex problems. I can send a problem and have 100% faith it will be returned completed. I hope to maintain a long term relationship with PreviewLabs, and that my competition never discovers this amazing resource!

Dr. Like Jiang – Marie Curie Researcher – Department of Architecture and Industrial Design, Second University of Naples

PreviewLabs has special experience with research projects and gave me a strong impression of “they know what researchers need” in our first contact, which made them stand out from other game developers that I had been in touch with. The collaboration went on well. It was easy to exchange ideas, and they always gave quick responses, even after delivery for corrections of some problems caused by our side. Overall we are very happy with the prototype and services.

Sim Dietrich – Founder – FlowFinger

I contracted Bernard and his team to prototype a mobile game using Unity. Their real-time tweaking system allowed us to dial in the settings just right. I found PreviewLabs delightful, and they remain on my shortlist for future mobile development.

Khaled Alroumi – Producer – Think Gate Softwarehouse

Friendly, great output, rapid response times and professional over all, will definitely work with PreviewLabs again.

Marianna S Vallejo – CEO – Daily Magic Productions

We liked the turnaround time and the overall work organization. We liked a lot that we didn’t have to write any documentation and it was enough to discuss the project over Skype. We felt personal investment from PreviewLabs and it reflected in the quality of the prototype.

Chris Beuckeleers – Business Development Manager – Alumnos

Working at Alumnos we got in contact with our customer in the high end furniture industry who was looking for a partner who could make an interactive 3D product configurator for their complete product list. We knew we could do the job but needed some sort of proof of concept/prototype. Talking with partners they pointed us to PreviewLabs to help us with this issue. The prototype was delivered on time and completely showed our customer what we were capable of. This extra effort made us score this deal.

Darren Blencowe – Owner – Voodoo Animation

PreviewLabs were able to understand our aims, and offered fast and detailed feedback on all aspects of what we were attempting to achieve. We wouldn’t hesitate to keep using PreviewLabs for future brain-storming and concept viability studies – their team is highly knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Sham Saleh – Founder and CEO – Skeleton Hand LLC

Bernard and his team spent so much time working with us to iron out details of the complex web of systems we built.  Their expertise shined through in everything they did, including but not limited to the extremely quick implementation of our ideas, and the vast network of people that we were connected to.
We are a Chicago based company, and there wasn’t one time that I felt that the international collaboration was a hindrance.