Chris Beuckeleers – Business Development Manager – Alumnos

Working at Alumnos we got in contact with our customer in the high end furniture industry who was looking for a partner who could make an interactive 3D product configurator for their complete product list. We knew we could do the job but needed some sort of proof of concept/prototype. Talking with partners they pointed us to PreviewLabs to help us with this issue. The prototype was delivered on time and completely showed our customer what we were capable of. This extra effort made us score this deal.

Darren Blencowe – Owner – Voodoo Animation

PreviewLabs were able to understand our aims, and offered fast and detailed feedback on all aspects of what we were attempting to achieve. We wouldn’t hesitate to keep using PreviewLabs for future brain-storming and concept viability studies – their team is highly knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Sham Saleh – Founder and CEO – Skeleton Hand LLC

Bernard and his team spent so much time working with us to iron out details of the complex web of systems we built.  Their expertise shined through in everything they did, including but not limited to the extremely quick implementation of our ideas, and the vast network of people that we were connected to.
We are a Chicago based company, and there wasn’t one time that I felt that the international collaboration was a hindrance.

Dirk Vanderlinden – Writer – The Vandiesel Company

Working with PreviewLabs is a very nice experience due to the fact that the creative and business parts of the project both receive the right amount of attention and effort. Bernard is an inspiring man who has led me through the labyrinth of options, do and don’ts of game development. I am looking forward to take the next step with PreviewLabs.

Dr. Anthony Masinton – Digital Research Fellow – The Centre for the Study of Christianity & Culture, University of York

This was the first time we have sought outside help in developing a project.  From our first discussion it was clear that we spoke the same language in terms of our goals and how to go about realising our objectives. PreviewLabs communicated clearly and delivered exactly what we needed in good working order, clearly documented.  A very positive experience from end to end.

Dr. Frederick Shic – Director – Technology and Innovation Laboratory, Yale University School of Medicine

The mission of my laboratory is to use technology in new and creative ways to help children with developmental difficulties reach their full potential. I can think of no better ally in our mission than PreviewLabs. PreviewLabs has collaborated us on a number of research projects thus far, helping us to create innovative technologies for connecting socially disconnected individuals. As a team, they are responsive, responsible, creative, and extremely capable. Personally, they are warm, understanding, and, above all, trustworthy and dedicated. They are the perfect partner for researchers (and professionals) seeking to prototype new ideas and technologies. I would recommend them for any project.

E.V. – CEO – Destrier Studios

Ensuring a good experience is what makes or breaks service companies, and our experience with PreviewLabs was exemplary. With a traditional development shop, the onus would have been on us to deliver a spec to which they would design. Preview was exactly the opposite. They worked with us diligently, spending many hours not only solidifying requirements but also providing valuable recommendations and insight on the requirements themselves. We strongly recommend Preview to anyone looking to prototype a game.

Mark Houck – CEO – Dacaam LLC

Before contacting Preview Labs, we had encountered numerous serious obstacles that threatened to sink the project. Months of work were on the line and we were in trouble.
Bernard and his team took our project on in the 11th hour and seemed to take a personal interest in our success. I was (and still am) immensely impressed. My only regret is that I didn’t get them involved sooner; it would have saved a lot of headaches.

For my next project, Preview Labs will be my very first call.

David Gonzalez – President – Mission Critical Studios

PreviewLabs was a pleasure to work with. We initially provided them a project that had already been prototyped in an engine that we had no experience in and asked them to prototype the game in an engine that we are familiar with. The amount of time saved was significant as we had a proof of concept. We ended up rebuilding all of the code twice since the original prototype but the initial work that PreviewLabs proved invaluable.

Doug Nelson – Founder, President & CEO – Kinection

PreviewLabs has been an invaluable partner for us in developing the games we’re currently offering in the language learning market. They’ve helped with architecture, design, and technical development. They’ve been responsive and flexible in meeting (and helping refine) our changing requirements. I’m glad to have found them and look forward to continued work with them in the future.

Sanaz Motahari – Product Manager – Apsalar

PreviewLabs has been instrumental in expediting our time to market with a Unity plugin and providing continuous and timely support to our customers. Their expertise with the Unity platform, combined with great communication throughout the project formulation, and consistent availability and speed of execution have made us very happy clients of PreviewLabs!