Tobias Sjögren – VP Mobile Games – Stardoll

Working with PreviewLabs was a great experience and it helped us to very swiftly test some game mechanics ideas we had without taking time of the internal resources and risking the production team slipping behind. The tweaking interface built into the prototype really helped us figure out what worked the best for us and was a great added bonus that made a big difference when testing the mechanics.

Dr. Eli Lebowitz – Yale Anxiety Disorders Program, Yale Child Study Center

Working with PreviewLabs has allowed our team to harness technological innovation in developing novel ways to study and treat psychological disorders. The guys at  PreviewLabs have been consistently terrific partners and providers. They are reliable, swift and responsive and have worked with our team to ensure we got to the product we had envisioned. They are careful to maintain all the characteristics and elements we requested and were able to insert their ideas and suggestions when necessary. They’ve also been fair in pricing and punctual about delivery times. All in all I would absolutely recommend PreviewLabs as the go-to team for Rapid Game Prototyping and we will definitely be working with them again.