Client: Activision Blizzard Media

Date: April 2021

Duration: 6 man-days

In this generic template to be used for playable ads in Activision’s mobile games, you catch items falling from the top of the screen by dragging a character or object from left to right. Development was done in Unity and Luna Playground in order to generate HTML and javascript code.

Distracted Navigator

Client: University of Michigan

Date: March 2019 - Dec 2020

Duration: 80 man-days

Prototype which originated from a PreviewLabs-led brainstorm session aiming to come up with ideas to educate about distracted driving. The prototype was developed in four iterations and lets the player discover how their ability to navigate a spaceship is impaired by various distractions.

Screenshot of the Invite Only VR prototype, along with four of the accolades the project received.

Invite Only VR

Client: Yale play4REAL XR Lab

Date: Dec 2017 - Nov 2019

Duration: 191 man-days

Brainstorm session and six iterations for a vaping prevention game prototype for a large research study at Yale, sponsored by Oculus VR. In the game, players learn to understand the dynamics of peer pressure, practice strategies for refusing, and gain knowledge about vaping. While early iterations of the prototype used the Samsung Gear VR, later iterations used the Oculus Go.

Screenshot of the Patronus VRET prototype for Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy - showing a scenario in which the user with claustrophobia takes a seat in a virtual car.


Client: IWT

Date: March 2018 - Jan 2019

Duration: 54 man-days

Two iterations for a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) prototype for HTC Vive and Google Cardboard in which an elevator scenario and in-car traffic scenario was created. The scenarios were highly customizable to allow matching the various aspects that could trigger anxiety in test subjects suffering from claustrophobia and panic disorder.

Famine Ties

Client: Quinnipiac University's Irish Great Hunger Museum

Date: Jan - July 2016

Duration: 13 man-days

This game prototype about the hardships of the Irish Great Hunger resulted from a brainstorm session organized by PreviewLabs, and was developed collaboratively with Quinnipiac University students. In the game, the player takes turns feeding a child living in 1845 and their present-day descendant. Both characters are dealt cards with food items and cures that were present during the famine.

A screenshot of the Buggy Blasters HoloLens game prototype, showing the multiplayer gameplay with buggies of the red and blue team driving around in the PreviewLabs office.

Buggy Blasters

Client: Cronos Groep

Date: Dec 2016 - Dec 2017

Duration: 91 man-days

Mixed reality prototype for the Microsoft HoloLens in which you can drive a virtual ‘radio controlled’ car around in the real world, colliding and interacting realistically with real-world objects.
The prototype featured online multiplayer, which also worked in case the two players were in the same room, observing the augmented reality content collectively in a shared experience. This prototype was the first multiplayer experience on the HoloLens store.

Idler prototype

Client: Wargaming

Date: November 2016

Duration: 9 man-days

Mobile casual game prototype, allowing our client to evaluate a unique hybrid of a match-3 puzzle game and other gameplay mechanics in a single iteration.

Sound Naples

Client: Second University of Naples

Date: Aug - Sept 2016

Duration: 12 man-days

This web-based research prototype was collaboratively developed for the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design at the Second University of Naples. In the prototype, users explore a simulation of the Piazza Vittoria in Naples, Italy. Each user experienced one of four different traffic and street design scenarios, by completing a number of tasks. At the end of each task, users were presented with a survey screen, gauging for their perception of the soundscape in various locations of the Piazza. PreviewLabs’s work primarily focused on the user interface, data logging, and database setup.

Farming Matcher

Client: Daily Magic Productions

Date: April - Sept 2014

Duration: 28 man-days

The goal for this casual game prototype was for Daily Magic Productions to allow sending a self-explanatory, playable build to interested publishers and investors. The prototype combined match 3 and farm building mechanics. Based on the prototype, Daily Magic Productions was able to determine the desired features for their game Jelly Jamz.

Immersion Cube

Client: 9Yards Creative

Date: May - Jul 2014

Duration: 10 man-days


This prototype was used to impress 9Yards’ key clients with a large interactive installation for use during trade shows. Deployed in 9Yards warehouse, the installation features huge displays and a Microsoft Kinect for motion detection.