Gondola Unity plugin

Client: White Shoe Media

Date: April 2014

Duration: 11 man-days


Development for Gondola’s Unity plugin, a specific-purpose game analytics system targeted at managing game economies. Our work included implementing the Gondola Android SDK, and providing a wrapper for both the Android SDK and pre-existing iOS SDK.

Integration of PDF readers in Unity

Client: Mission Critical Studios

Date: November 2013

Duration: 8 man-days

Integration of the FastPdfKit and GoodReader systems into Unity3D, allowing to view and manipulate PDF files inside a mobile application developed in Unity.

RC Helicopter Controller Support

Client: Mission Critical Studios

Date: Jan - Feb 2013

Duration: 3 man-days

A technical Proof of Concept for a small infrared-controlled helicopter. We supported our client in the development of a smartphone application that lets you control this helicopter through an infrared-transmitter plugged in to your headphone jack. The source code we contributed to was eventually used in an app for the Air Hogs Heli Replay by Spin Master.

Apsalar Unity plugin

Client: Apsalar

Date: September 2012 - Present

Development and maintenance of Apsalar’s Unity Plugin. Apsalar is an analytics driven mobile ad platform.