Client: Activision Blizzard Media

Date: April 2021

Duration: 6 man-days

In this generic template to be used for playable ads in Activision’s mobile games, you catch items falling from the top of the screen by dragging a character or object from left to right. Development was done in Unity and Luna Playground in order to generate HTML and javascript code.

Screenshot of the Invite Only VR prototype, along with four of the accolades the project received.

Invite Only VR

Client: Yale play4REAL XR Lab

Date: Dec 2017 - Nov 2019

Duration: 191 man-days

Brainstorm session and six iterations for a vaping prevention game prototype for a large research study at Yale, sponsored by Oculus VR. In the game, players learn to understand the dynamics of peer pressure, practice strategies for refusing, and gain knowledge about vaping. While early iterations of the prototype used the Samsung Gear VR, later iterations used the Oculus Go.

Pain Buddy prototype

Pain Buddy

Client: UC Irvine

Date: Nov 2016 - Aug 2019

Duration: 148 man-days

In Pain Buddy, children with chronic pain are incentivized to complete a standardized assessment to allow following up on their pain levels and making timely adjustments in their care. We achieved this by making the assessments playful, and rewarding the kids with points which they can use to customize their avatar as well as to play various minigames we designed. Work included six iterations as well as support work in the years afterwards as our client used the prototype to study a large amount of kids in a hospital setting.

The logo of imec, the institute that organized the call for the project.

PATRONUS Panic Coach

Client: IWT

Date: March - May 2018

Duration: 18 man-days

This mobile coaching prototype simulates guiding a patient with claustrophobia or general panic disorder who is following VR exposure therapy sessions. The prototype was developed as part of the PATRONUS research project in conjunction with a VR exposure therapy prototype that we developed.

Screenshot from the Brussels Airlines app, after Cousteau integrated the solution from our Proof of Concept in their application.

360 Video Navigation

Client: Cousteau

Date: Jan - Feb 2018

Duration: 9 man-days

Technical prototype in which we developed a solution to allow creating 360 degree animated content by combining a 360 degree image with a video cropped from a 360 degree video. This technical solution was used by our client in a project for Brussels Airlines in which they showcased various features of the in-flight experience.


Client: Seyenapse

Date: Oct 2016 - Jan 2017

Duration: 25 man-days

Become a skilled alchemist in this Gear VR and Google Cardboard prototype. Select basic elements and combine them into more complex ones. Craft your own objects by snapping a picture of them and defining their ingredients. You can also try to create elements and objects made by others. While you’re busy crafting stuff, you can see the ghosts of other players.

Idler prototype

Client: Wargaming

Date: November 2016

Duration: 9 man-days

Mobile casual game prototype, allowing our client to evaluate a unique hybrid of a match-3 puzzle game and other gameplay mechanics in a single iteration.

Famine Ties

Client: Quinnipiac University's Irish Great Hunger Museum

Date: Jan - July 2016

Duration: 13 man-days

This game prototype about the hardships of the Irish Great Hunger resulted from a brainstorm session organized by PreviewLabs, and was developed collaboratively with Quinnipiac University students. In the game, the player takes turns feeding a child living in 1845 and their present-day descendant. Both characters are dealt cards with food items and cures that were present during the famine.

Screenshot of the Klikit prototype.


Client: Miratus Ludus

Date: Feb - June 2016

Duration: 22 man-days

Prototype for a digital version of an existing board game prototype. We advised the client on the conversion from the board game to the digital format, and allowed experimenting with the gameplay by including a large amount of tunable parameters.

Screenshot from the AR Perspective prototype, used to allow placing virtual awnings on pre-existing pictures.

Augmented Reality Awnings

Client: Kraken Realtime

Date: Jan - Feb 2016

Duration: 14 man-days

This prototype demonstrated the possibility of using a mobile device to add a 3D object to a picture taken with a phone or tablet, matching the perspective of the picture. The technology developed in the prototype was used for a product configurator for awnings by Winsol – a Belgian company which manufactures products including awnings, windows, and garage doors.

Sexual Risk Reduction Game prototype

Client: Yale School of Medecine

Date: Oct 2016 - Jan 2017

Duration: 50 man-days

Brainstorming and prototyping for a dialog-based game concept used to empower teens and help them reduce risks related to sex. By playing through party conversations, bedroom scenes, and doctor conversations, players gain SeXP and become more knowledgeable about risk prevention, while unlocking new possibilities within the dialogs. The prototype content, including a variable system and conditional dialog trees was fully modifiable through the use of CSV files.

The Vandiesel Company Challenges Brainstorming

Client: Dirk Vanderlinden

Date: December 2015

Duration: 3.5 man-days

Brainstorm session and estimations for various mobile game concepts for the Vandiesel Company series of books. The concepts were aimed at being able to challenge your friends for a game related to Dirk Vanderlinden’s novels about international crime fighting.


Client: Yale University

Date: September 2012 - November 2014

MoMba is a research prototype, designed to investigate how a social network app with gamification features can help connecting mothers in the city of New Haven. The ultimate goal of this project is to combat depression among first-time, low-income mothers.

Farming Matcher

Client: Daily Magic Productions

Date: April - Sept 2014

Duration: 28 man-days

The goal for this casual game prototype was for Daily Magic Productions to allow sending a self-explanatory, playable build to interested publishers and investors. The prototype combined match 3 and farm building mechanics. Based on the prototype, Daily Magic Productions was able to determine the desired features for their game Jelly Jamz.

Incarnate prototype

Client: Skeleton Hand

Date: March 2014

Duration: 19 man-days

A tactical strategy board game combined with a competitive card game including characters with battlefield augmentation abilities. Prototyped in two iterations, the prototype included 12 out of the concept’s 100+ unique cards, a dynamic music creation system, and was used by our client for pitching at the Game Developers Conference.