One of Many

Client: Ownit Games

Date: October 2022 - April 2023

Duration: 74 man-days

In this turn-based trading card game prototype, players engage in battles using weapons, armor, and various gadgets to upgrade their robots. This allowed playtesting various mechanics, fine-tune game balance, and ultimately assemble a comprehensive base card set. In addition, we designed a visual experience for the opening of booster packs, imitating the use of NFTs and cryptocurrency.


Client: Yale University - Department of Mathematics

Date: September 2016

Duration: 35 man-days

This prototype, based on an idea of our client, is designed for use in a class setting and reinforces basic knowledge of math functions for incoming undergraduate students at Yale. In an artillery-style game, two people battle each other using function graphs. First, both players place traps on a grid. Second, they take turns to combine playing cards and form a function. Then they unleash it to destroy the other player’s traps.

Famine Ties

Client: Quinnipiac University's Irish Great Hunger Museum

Date: Jan - July 2016

Duration: 13 man-days

This game prototype about the hardships of the Irish Great Hunger resulted from a brainstorm session organized by PreviewLabs, and was developed collaboratively with Quinnipiac University students. In the game, the player takes turns feeding a child living in 1845 and their present-day descendant. Both characters are dealt cards with food items and cures that were present during the famine.

Incarnate prototype

Client: Skeleton Hand

Date: March 2014

Duration: 19 man-days

A tactical strategy board game combined with a competitive card game including characters with battlefield augmentation abilities. Prototyped in two iterations, the prototype included 12 out of the concept’s 100+ unique cards, a dynamic music creation system, and was used by our client for pitching at the Game Developers Conference.

Screenshot from one of the artwork experiments for the Zodiac prototype.

Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey

Client: Kobojo

Date: Oct - Dec 2013

Duration: 81 man-days

For this social JRPG project, we were hired by Kobojo to lead the programming of the vertical slice prototype. The goal for this polished prototype was to give an impression of the final gameplay and art style, while restricting the content to a single level of the game. Three prototype iterations were developed in tight collaboration with Kobojo’s team.

The Device prototype

Client: Dwarven Designs

Date: June 2013

Duration: 38 man-days

Prototype for a dungeon based, up to 9 players co-op multiplayer RPG where any player can create a dungeon as a challenge for the other players.

Concentration Cafe prototype

Client: Kinection

Date: August 2011

Language learning game prototype for a game of concentration / memory with opponent AI and speech (naming the words, and commenting on each other and on the player).