One of Many

Client: Ownit Games

Date: October 2022 - April 2023

Duration: 74 man-days

In this turn-based trading card game prototype, players engage in battles using weapons, armor, and various gadgets to upgrade their robots. This allowed playtesting various mechanics, fine-tune game balance, and ultimately assemble a comprehensive base card set. In addition, we designed a visual experience for the opening of booster packs, imitating the use of NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Campus environment featured image

Campus Environment

Client: Reallearning Technologies

Date: January - May 2022

Duration: 45 man-days

Prototype for a virtual multi-user campus environment in which we helped our client try out features to allow students to familiarize themselves with their university campus, as well as to meet each other and use voice chat. The prototype featured outdoor and indoor areas, as well as a quiz activity with a leaderboard shared between players. So far, this project has 4 iterations.

Cone Worms XR is in development by Sunny Nestler, Megaspora Studio.


Client: Activision Blizzard Media

Date: April 2021

Duration: 6 man-days

In this generic template to be used for playable ads in Activision’s mobile games, you catch items falling from the top of the screen by dragging a character or object from left to right. Development was done in Unity and Luna Playground in order to generate HTML and javascript code.

Sound Naples

Client: Second University of Naples

Date: Aug - Sept 2016

Duration: 12 man-days

This web-based research prototype was collaboratively developed for the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design at the Second University of Naples. In the prototype, users explore a simulation of the Piazza Vittoria in Naples, Italy. Each user experienced one of four different traffic and street design scenarios, by completing a number of tasks. At the end of each task, users were presented with a survey screen, gauging for their perception of the soundscape in various locations of the Piazza. PreviewLabs’s work primarily focused on the user interface, data logging, and database setup.


Client: Yale University

Date: September 2012 - November 2014

MoMba is a research prototype, designed to investigate how a social network app with gamification features can help connecting mothers in the city of New Haven. The ultimate goal of this project is to combat depression among first-time, low-income mothers.

Lighthaus logo

The Rise of Placenta Accreta

Client: Lighthaus

Date: Aug - Oct 2013

Duration: 7 man-days

Prototype for a browser-based experience in which the user learns about the Placenta Accreta condition, in which the placenta is abnormally attached to the uterus. The user can zoom in/out, look around, and open and close various informational panels in which they can learn at their own pace about the condition. The final result developed by our client was published in the fall 2013 edition of the Stanford Medicine online magazine.

Cloud Casino prototype

Client: Indiespring

Date: September 2013

Duration: 15 man-days

Multiplayer prototype for an online casino game, where the player can walk around in a 3D casino and join a game of Blackjack with other players.

Business Tracker prototype

Client: Destrier Studios

Date: January 2013

Duration: 13 man-days

Inspired by grand strategy games like Crusader Kings, this serious game prototype aimed to provide a compelling overview of a large business, including its employees and their key performance indicators (KPIs).

Kick the Candidate

Client: Dacaam

Date: October 2012

Duration: 11 man-days

Entertaining quiz about the 2012 US elections, conveying the message that elections are about more than a vote on a single political issue.

Concentration Cafe HTML5 port

Client: Kinection

Date: October 2011

Duration: 9 man-days

HTML5 conversion of the Concentration Cafe prototype – which was a 2D Unity prototype. This helped the client to make a choice between HTML5 and Unity3D.

BatAction Game

Client: Agency for Nature and Forests

Date: September 2010

Duration: 16 man-days

Concept, prototyping and art direction for an educational game about the sonar of bats. The final game, developed in cooperation with Calibrate, was made for an interactive kiosk at an exhibition in Belgium and as a Flash-based browser game.