Client: Yale play4REAL XR Lab

Date: May 2020 - August 2021

Duration: 78 man-days

Freeze is an Augmented Reality prototype for the Magic Leap One, designed to discuss and promote healthy and informed decision making regarding alcohol consumption. The players assumes the role of a high school student with control over time, who uses their powers to protect themself and their peers from a variety of dangerous situations within the context of a party.

A screenshot of the Buggy Blasters HoloLens game prototype, showing the multiplayer gameplay with buggies of the red and blue team driving around in the PreviewLabs office.

Buggy Blasters

Client: Cronos Groep

Date: Dec 2016 - Dec 2017

Duration: 91 man-days

Mixed reality prototype for the Microsoft HoloLens in which you can drive a virtual ‘radio controlled’ car around in the real world, colliding and interacting realistically with real-world objects.
The prototype featured online multiplayer, which also worked in case the two players were in the same room, observing the augmented reality content collectively in a shared experience. This prototype was the first multiplayer experience on the HoloLens store.

Screenshot of the HoloLens tech support demo, in which you are in a simulated Skype call.

HoloLens Tech Support Demo

Client: Cronos Groep

Date: Nov 2016 - Sept 2017

Duration: 32 man-days

HoloLens prototype, exploring how someone wearing a HoloLens could call in the help from a person supporting them remotely from a regular computer – while allowing to share their view. The remote support person could walk the HoloLens user through maintenance steps of a complex machine. In a second iteration, the prototype was adjusted to serve as a tool to help Cronos’s business developers sell HoloLens solutions integrated. In this iteration, the recognition of images in the real-world environment using Vuforia was added.

Screenshot from the AR Perspective prototype, used to allow placing virtual awnings on pre-existing pictures.

Augmented Reality Awnings

Client: Kraken Realtime

Date: Jan - Feb 2016

Duration: 14 man-days

This prototype demonstrated the possibility of using a mobile device to add a 3D object to a picture taken with a phone or tablet, matching the perspective of the picture. The technology developed in the prototype was used for a product configurator for awnings by Winsol – a Belgian company which manufactures products including awnings, windows, and garage doors.

Auckland Castle technology demo

Client: University of York

Date: December 2013

Duration: 8 man-days

In this prototype we implemented the complex bits and pieces for a virtual tour using Augmented Reality, allowing visitors to use a mobile device for the detection of paintings and to peek into the past while looking around with the device.