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Vertical Slice Prototype of Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey

When we’ve molded an idea into a prototype, our job is usually done. Sometimes, clients want us to build even further. Such was the case with Paris based game developer Kobojo, who asked us if we would be able to create a vertical slice prototype for their new JRPG Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey.

Meet The Team: Kasper Geeroms

Up next in our series on the people behind the prototypes is our charismatic project manager Kasper Geeroms. What does he bring to the PreviewLabs table, apart from groceries and tall tales of his many adventures home and abroad? Find out after the jump!

Meet The Team: Jannes Plyson

Next up in our monthly series on the people behind the prototype is programmer Jannes Plyson. As he was the first employee we ever hired, and has stuck with us ever since, we figure he has a lot of nice to say about working at PreviewLabs. No pressure. Take it away, Jannes!

Playtesting and Prototypes

Many developers will tell you putting your game out in the wild is really scary. While the blunt feedback of random people can be relentless and soul crushing, it might impact your game for the better. Read on to find how to get useful feedback from play tests, both during prototyping and in full development.

Meet The Team: Nicolas Cybulski

We often write about our projects, yet we seldom focus on the people that help complete them. In this new feature we take some time to get to know the people behind the prototypes. Being the newest kid on the block, we decided to kick off this monthly feature with our brand new project manager, Nicolas Cybulski. Take it away, Nicolas!