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Ürban Pad

We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways of quickly building environments to use in our prototypes. Ürban Pad prides itself on being one of the fastest ways to rapidly create a 3D city. Let’s find out if reality can match their claims.   


PreviewLabs houses a team of proficient programmers. But wouldn’t we be able to prototype even faster when we had no use for code whatsoever? To answer that question, we took a look at GameSalad, a game engine for people with no prior programming knowledge.

Research: PlayMaker

To state that there are a lot of plug-ins available for Unity3D would be quite the understatement. As is to be expected, not everything is useful to a prototyping company so we do a lot of research to look for the stuff that’s right up our alley. On today’s menu: Playmaker. 

Technology Research

As a company specialized in rapid game prototyping, we decide on a per-project basis which technology is most suitable. To expand our possibilities, we will be researching a number of engines and middleware solutions, after which we’ll report the conclusion in separate blog posts.