Continuing my research project, I just finished researching GameSalad, a 2D game engine.

According to the creators, GameSalad allows you to simply create a game by using a visual, drag & drop based style, which requires no coding.
The makers of GameSalad market it as a game creation tool for everyone; even for people who have no knowledge of programming at all.

Even though, at PreviewLabs, the prototypes are made by programmers, we want to make sure we’re always using the best and fastest way to create game prototypes.

From my investigation of GameSalad, I tend to conclude that it’s too limiting to prototype just any concept; you largely depend on the built-in functionalities. Also, if you want to implement more sophisticated patterns or behaviors, it will be hard to keep all the actions structured. Using GameSalad for this would mean trading in a part of the flexibility you have in an object-oriented programming language as C++ or C#.

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