Global Game Jam 2010

Global Game Jam

Yesterday around 5 PM the event started with the Global Game Jam Keynote. About 40 young and motivated game developers where ready to challenge this year’s theme: Key, Monkey or Donkey. After a short brainstorm session in groups of 2 people several nice and innovative concepts where presented to the group.

After choosing a concept we’ve formed our little game development group: Matt, Jos, Bernard and me. Soon the svn server was set up and the first sketches were made…

Here are some shots of our exhausted genius at work (and recharging during a power nap!).


You can check out our game in your web browser or download the build from the Global Game Jam website.

One thought on “Global Game Jam 2010”

  1. Kimmeke says:

    Good luck, guys!


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