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Keep Your Crises Small

It is always great to see one of your idols talk about how they became a success story. Ed Catmull of Pixar fame gave such a wonderful presentation at the 2007 Entrepreneurship Conferende at Stanford University that we have no other choice than to share it with you. Full video after the jump.   

Casual Connect Hamburg 2010

This is it! We’re off to prototype our rapid game prototyping company at the Casual Connect conference in Hamburg. This will be the very first time we’ll be pitching our ideas in the wild and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Global Game Jam 2010

Hi! We’re PreviewLabs and we build game prototypes faster than anyone. To put our money where our mouth is, for our inaugural post we’ll give you a look at our participation in the Global Game Jam 2010, where we made a fun platform game from scratch in 48 hours straight. Enjoy!