Looking for a Game Prototyping Programmer

We’re looking for a Game Prototyping Programmer in Wetteren, Belgium to join us on-site. Simply put, our new team member will develop prototypes, from start to end.

A more complete description of the candidate we’re looking for can be found here.

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These are the main reasons why our programmers like working for PreviewLabs:

  • There’s a lot of variety, since we’re doing a lot of small projects.
  • Within the projects themselves, there’s a variety of challenges to be faced.
  • The flexible working hours: most of the days, you’re free to choose when you start and end your work, as long as you work 38 hours a week on average.

For those relocating to Belgium, we warmly recommend life in the city of Ghent (a ten minute train ride from our office). It’s one of the oldest medieval cities of Belgium with lots of history, while it’s a very vibrant and culturally active student city.

People partying in Ghent during the yearly festival (Photo: - 2014)

People partying in Ghent during the yearly festival (Photo: – 2014)

This position is open to anyone permitted to work within the European Union – including anyone with a EU nationality.

Information on how to apply can be found in the job description.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for a Game Prototyping Programmer”

  1. Bernard says:

    We’re still looking for candidates!

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