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Our First Decade

PreviewLabs’s 10th anniversary is today! For the occasion, I went through the list of projects and blog posts of each year, to compile a list of the highlights of the past ten years. While doing so, I noticed that a lot of the projects weren’t covered yet on our blog, and decided to have this […]

[Press Release] Research Establishes Motion Tracking Game as Superior Way to Measure Avoidance in Anxiety Disorders

A peer-reviewed scientific paper by Dr. Eli Lebowitz (Yale’s Child Study Center’s Anxiety & Mood Disorders Program) and Bernard Francois (Founder of PreviewLabs) describes how YIKES, a motion tracking game prototyped by PreviewLabs, results in a new and more effective way to measure behavioral avoidance…

[Press Release – Dutch] Game prototype gebruikt in onderzoek ivm het meten van angststoornissen

Een wetenschappelijke publicatie door Dr. Eli Lebowitz (van het Anxiety & Mood Disorders Program aan het Yale Child Study Center) en Bernard Francois (oprichter van PreviewLabs) beschrijft hoe YIKES, een game dat gebruik maakt van bewegingsdetectie en dat werd geprototyped door PreviewLabs, resulteerde in een nieuwere en effectievere manier om vermijdingsgedrag te meten…

Yep, Hiring Again: US Sales Team Iteration 1

We’re looking for a Sales Assistant, an Inside Sales Representative, and a Content Marketer to help us reach more people in dire need of rapid prototyping. Feel you’re up for the job, or know someone who might be just the candidate we’re looking for?

PreviewLabs Incorporated

If you’re one of PreviewLabs’ many groupies, you must have heard of our international expansion, and may have wondered why nothing has been mentioned here so far… Here’s are the highlights from the press.

How to be Successful at Game Jams

Making games in 48 hours is hard. But what can you do to increase your chances of success? How can you prepare yourself for a game programming competition, such as the Global Game Jam, which takes place this weekend?