3 Most Popular Posts of 2011 – and Other Website Statistics

Looking back at our Google Analytics statistics of 2011, here’s a quick overview of our website statistics.

First of all, here’s a top 3 of our most popular blog posts in 2011:

  1. File I/O in Unity3D (6117 pageviews)
  2. Writing PlayerPrefs Fast (4387 pageviews)
  3. Unity and Playmaker (1458 pageviews)

During 2011, there was a spectacular growth in number of page views and visitors: from 1157 pageviews and 233 visitors in January 2011 to 4861 page views and 2728 visitors in December 2011. This means the amount of page views quadrupled, and the amount of visitors increased by a factor of ten!

Graph with the amount of visitors (dark blue) and page views (light blue) on our website in 2011.

Most website visitors are from the United States, the country with the biggest game industry, while Belgium takes a second place, as the PreviewLabs team’s home country. It’s nice to see that we have visitors of so many different countries: 126 countries out of the about 196 countries in the world.

Visits per country

To end this article, Google tells us that 3.75% of our page views have been made on mobile devices. This is still quite small, but I’m curious to see how this will evolve over the course of 2012 – as the smartphone and tablet market is expected to grow…

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