PreviewLabs @ E3 next week!

Hi! My name is Chris Foley, I’m a biz dev/sales guy for PreviewLabs and for my inaugural post I’m letting everyone know that PreviewLabs will be at E3 in Los Angeles, California next week!

All the major publishers will be at E3, and if you’re interested in finding a publisher, PreviewLabs can help bring your game design to life. Whether it’s putting together a playable demo to accompany your design documents, pitching new game mechanics internally, or simply using prototypes as part of your development cycle, PreviewLabs can flesh out your game ideas and designs and demonstrate to everyone exactly how great your game really is.

PreviewLabs’ Rapid Game Prototyping service is great for established studios too! We can lower your production costs, reduce risk and uncertainty in your project management, and create a more efficient development cycle.

If you’re going to be at E3 next week I’d love to meet personally and chat about PreviewLabs, game development, or just share industry gossip! 🙂 Just send me a message through the contact form or give me a call at +1 (949) 413-1074.

See you there!

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