Unity Roadmap 2011: Three Features we’re Most Wild About

As you may have noticed, we’re using Unity3D quite a lot for our prototyping services.

Unity3D is a cross-platform game engine, allowing us to prototype for PC, Mac, iOS and Android without having to specialize in a separate game engine for each platform.

A few hours ago, the Unity Roadmap 2011 has been posted to the Unity3D blog. This roadmap lists a number of features that will be added to the Unity engine, so it’s a very interesting read for Unity3D adepts.

These are the three features we’re most excited about:

  1. Flash export: By using the upcoming Molehill API – which will allow proper real-time 3D in Flash – Unity will offer the option to export to Flash. Currently, only people who have the Unity plug-in installed can see Unity content in the browser. This new feature will make sure Unity3D content can easily be delivered to nearly anyone’s web browser, opening the doors for advergames developed in Unity3D.
  2. Crowd simulation: Normally only supported in high-end AAA game engines, this is one of those features that would take a huge amount of time to develop if you had to do it yourself. As it’s opening the doors to prototyping of crowd-based game mechanics, it’s a feature we’ll surely play around with.
  3. Microphone and webcam support: An additional means of input for games is always welcome, as it encourages developers innovate. Microphone and webcam support could facilitate prototyping singing games and augmented reality games.

2 thoughts on “Unity Roadmap 2011: Three Features we’re Most Wild About”

  1. Sam Wu says:

    I agree, these three key features are what makes this next installment of Unity 3d a formidable tool to be reckoned with!

  2. Doug says:

    Microphone and webcam support will be fantastic for the language-learning games we’re developing. It’ll be great to have native support for that modality of input.

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