Prototyped Game Released by Capcom

We’re proud to announce that a game we prototyped for has been released by Capcom, a publisher known by the masses from properties as Street Fighter and Resident Evil. The game is called Color Collider and was developed by Crazy Monkey Studios.

The concept was conceived at a brainstorm organized by PreviewLabs, and prototyped by us as well – along with two other concepts. Crazy Monkey Studios used the prototypes for pitching purposes at various trade shows, which resulted in a deal with Capcom.

This is how the concept is summarized in the review at 148Apps:

Do you remember the part of kindergarten where you learned about how to make colors? Hopefully you did, because Color Collider will be putting this to the test in a big way. The key mechanics of the game revolve around guiding colored marbles from the top of the stage into baskets of sorts, located at the bottom of the screen.

We’ll soon post a video of the prototype in action, so you’ll be able to see how the prototype developed in five days compares to the full game!

If you want us to develop a prototype and maximize your chances to land a deal with a major publisher, contact us!

2 thoughts on “Prototyped Game Released by Capcom”

  1. Filip says:

    Curious !
    The you-tube doesn’t reveal how it works exactly, I think.

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