Keep Your Crises Small

We had a review process that was actually a combination of some things that Jonda learned from Disney, along with tinges that were at ILM at Lucas Film. But is was unique because of that combination.

But what it amounted to was that, in the process of making the film, we reviewed the material every day. Now, this is counterintuitive for a lot of people. Most people – if you can imagine this – can’t draw very well, but even if you can draw very well, suppose you come in, and you’ve got to put together animation or drawings and show it to a famous, world-class animator. Well, you don’t want to show something which is weak or poor. So you want to hold off until you get it to be right. And the trick is, actually, to stop that behavior. We show it every day when it’s incomplete. If everybody does it does it every day, then you get over the embarrassment. And when you get over the embarrassment, you’re more creative. And that’s – as I say – it’s not obvious to people, but starting down that path helped everything that we did.

This is exactly what is happening in the game industry too. A lot of game developers keep on polishing a title before showing it off. Often this results in a nice looking game with a lack of gameplay… This is why rapid prototyping is so important. You have to figure out as soon as possible if the game has potential!

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