[Press Release] PreviewLabs’ Prototyping Work Helped Squido Studio Secure CAD 1.5 Million for Upcoming Game

PreviewLabs, a company specializing in rapid prototyping for projects using game development technology, played an important role in enabling VR game developer Squido Studio to secure CAD 1.5 million in funding from the Canada Media Fund. The collaboration between PreviewLabs and Squido Studio, which was disclosed on the company’s LinkedIn page showcases the potential of prototype development in the game industry.

Since 2010, PreviewLabs provides a convenient work-for-hire prototype development service to game developers, start-ups, research institutions, and R&D departments. These prototypes are used to evaluate, improve, and pitch concepts for virtual reality, augmented reality, console, computer, and mobile games. Within the game industry, PreviewLabs is prominently known for its expertise in rapid prototype development.

In this case, Squido Studio partnered with PreviewLabs to explore key aspects of their upcoming physics based VR multiplayer game: While players await the start of a new game, they are able to observe miniature versions of ongoing gameplay sessions – while the players in the game are able to see the onlookers as if they are giants looking down on their game. After entering a game, PreviewLabs’ work allows the players to collaboratively pick up and move virtual objects of various weights and sizes, and experience the weight of an object as their virtual hands drop closer to the floor. All of this while providing a smooth multiplayer experience.

Some of the technology at the basis of the successful pitch in action.

“Physics-based gameplay in a multiplayer context is complex and requires a lot of experimentation, especially in VR, where you feel you are holding the objects with your own hands”, explains Bernard François, founder and CEO of PreviewLabs. “Our team worked tirelessly to overcome the complexities of creating an immersive environment where multiple players can interact simultaneously with the same objects.”

PreviewLabs’ prototyping work served as the foundation for Squido Studio’s further development of a demo and pitch to various investors, leading to the success in finding a significant amount of funding for their project.

For over a decade, PreviewLabs has been pioneering the various uses of game technology for its clients. They have worked with established parties including Disney, Wargaming, and Google, as well as with numerous startups including Fortress Games, as well as researchers at prestigious universities such as Yale and Harvard. This track record has positioned PreviewLabs as the go-to partner for those seeking to reinforce their team with a strong prototyping capability.


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About PreviewLabs: PreviewLabs was founded in 2010 and is the first company dedicated to the development of prototypes using game technology. It has offices in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and Belgium. They work with clients all over the world, including game developers, start-ups, and medical and education research institutions. Their prototypes are used to evaluate, improve, and pitch virtual reality, augmented reality, console, computer, and mobile game concepts. In the first thirteen years of PreviewLabs, the company developed prototypes for over 200 different concepts, for clients including Walt Disney Imagineering and Yale University, as well as also a large amount of startups seeking to develop new products. Learn more at

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