Crab Cakes Rescue – Holiday Sale

Last month, on November 14, game publisher and distributor Maximum Games released Crab Cakes Rescue, a game developed by our client Mission Critical Studios.

The game has a simple and elegant gameplay mechanic which works really well, so we’re righteously proud to have contributed by developing the prototype back in December 2012.

Or as summarized in the press release:

“Crab Cakes Rescue is surprising in the best possible way,” said Luke Shelnutt, Producer at Maximum Games. “The backdrop is cutesy, but the gameplay is tricky and highly addicting.”

Each time a shell is shed, a block is created and your crustacean body is shrunk. Players must use their shells wisely and experiment with different ways to evade hostile enemies and dead-ends.

The game is included in the Holiday Sale on Steam, so get it at 40% off while you can (until January 2nd)!

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