Next Steps to World Domination: Hiring a Biz Dev, a PM and TWO Programmers

Always wanted a job in the games industry? Excited about new technology? Do you bore your friends to death with your extended knowledge of The Elder Scrolls lore (which is a nerdy way of saying you know all about the fictional history of the game)? Well, my friend, it seems like you might be a suitable candidate for a position at PreviewLabs!

Still not sure?

How does a satisfying game of Rocket League during lunch time sound to you?

Or what about a tight-knit group of colleagues that don’t shy away from an obscure video game reference now and then?

Ever dreamt of working with the newest tech on the market?

Check, check, and double checked all of the above? Then it’s about time you apply for one of the following jobs:

A Self-Motivated and Resourceful Business Developer & Executive Assistant

Being the first point of contact for our clients, or finding the right prospects and getting in touch with them is what our Business Developer & Executive Assistant does best. Working from our Connecticut office, you’ll be the right hand of our founder and CEO Bernard, managing his schedule and inbox.

Together you’ll meet ambitious people in all kinds of markets to talk about innovative technologies. You’ll be in the forefront of technology and will meet lots of interesting people. Anyone with the ability to think two steps ahead, will flourish in this position.

Been nodding violently in agreement with these past two paragraphs? Feel like you’re the Business Developer & Executive Assistant we’re looking for? Check out the full job description here.

Meeting in brewery

The biggest advantage of working for a Belgian company? Sales meetings in breweries are always an option.

A Creative and Dedicated Project Manager

When our Business Developer & Executive Assistant finds a new project for PreviewLabs to sink their teeth into, our Creative Project Managers come into play. After hiring our very first dedicated Project Manager in 2015, we’re ready to become a multi-PM company for the first time since we were founded. As a Creative Project Manager you’ll discuss the scope of the prototypes with our clients. You’ll help them finetune their ideas and write them up in a Prototype Design Document.

Together with Maya, our other Project Manager, you’ll form the main point of contact for our clients and make sure our programmers are on track with the development of the prototypes. With your insights and understanding of game development you get to test our prototypes and provide feedback to help optimize them. You’ll be working from either our Connecticut office, or from our Belgian headquarters in Wetteren.

Stop the clock! You think we’re describing you here? Do one last check-up here, and apply for the position!


As a Project Manager you’ll be keeping these guys in check.

Two Hands-on and Quick Thinking Programmers

As a Programmer at PreviewLabs you bring the innovative, creative (and sometimes downright crazy!) ideas from our clients to life through video game technology. As a Programmer within our team you’ll get a big variety of challenging projects, which you’ll tackle with your quick-thinking coder brain.

Our Creative Project Managers present you a detailed Prototype Design Document (PDD) on which you’ll base estimates for how long the project will take. Working from our US-office in Connecticut or our Belgian headquarters in Wetteren, you’ll get to build and test innovative prototypes which help our clients validate ideas and unheard of concepts. You’ll play a crucial role in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality projects and will work on prototypes for video game developers, research projects and various other game technology based initiatives.

Hold on! Do you really think you’ve got what it takes to be a PreviewLabs Programmer? That’s great news! You can read through the full job description here.

Gaming during lunch

We dedicate our lunch breaks to – eh – research…

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