Watch us Present Invite Only VR on a Virtual Stage

Time flies when you’re having fun. It has been over a year already since the last time we told you about the Oculus-backed smokeSCREEN VR project, which we are working on with play4REAL Lab at Yale University.

Since then, the name was changed to Invite Only VR. Don’t worry, the concept and end goal of the prototype remains untouched: by immersing teens in concrete situations where they get to deal with peer pressure, they learn to say no to vaping.

The project, backed by Facebook’s Oculus made the the news in an article on CNBC as well as the Belgian national news. In 2019, it kept turning heads after the name change to Invite Only VR.

By now, we are finishing off the third iteration of the prototype and starting on the fourth soon.

Watch Bernard and Kim present Invite Only VR ... in VR.

Since virtual reality is one of the core technologies we regularly get to work with at PreviewLabs, and Invite Only VR takes full advantage of that expertise, it only seems fitting to be talking about the project in virtual reality. That’s why our founder Bernard jumped to the chance of presenting the project alongside Kim Hieftje of the play4REAL Lab at Yale University, who was invited to talk about it in VR Chat for The ENDGAME.

Curious to find out what we had to say? The video above is a short, cut down version of the talk they gave for The ENDGAME conference. You can watch the full one-hour version here.

Do you also have a project in which immersive VR might be the answer? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’d gladly turn your idea into a playable prototype!

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