VentureBeat Explores the World of Rapid Prototyping In a Feature About PreviewLabs

PreviewLabs was featured on the GamesBeat section of the popular tech website VentureBeat. Our prototype, which helped Squido Studio acquire $1.1 million Canadian in funding by the Canada Media Fund, peaked their interest in the services we provide for the games industry, startups and academics.

GamesBeat article screenshot

The GamesBeat article features a video of the prototype for Squido Studio.

The article explains what rapid prototyping is and how we offer it as a work-for-hire service. It also details the physics-based VR prototype we developed for Squido Studio and features an interview with our founder and CEO Bernard Fran├žois.

Read the article to:

  • Learn about the history of PreviewLabs;
  • Find out what made the VR prototype for Squido Studio so challenging to make;
  • Get more insight into our approach;
  • See how we approach working with different game development technologies.

You can find the full article on the VentureBeat website. For more details about the prototype that helped Squido Studio acquire $1.1 million in funding, see our full press release here.

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