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Since May 2016, it’s been extremely busy here at PreviewLabs, setting up our second branch. Our office in New Haven, Connecticut is finally open!

The blog’s been gathering a bit of construction dust, but now that we’re settled into our new location, expect that to change!

Our international expansion hasn’t gone unnoticed though. FLEGA (the Flemish Games Association) published a story on the second office, and a bit later, Trends Magazine (a mainstream financial and economical publication in Belgium), followed suit.

Here are the highlights of what former PreviewLabs blogger Christophe De bont wrote in his interview with me on the FLEGA blog:

As roughly 55% of the revenue in the first 6 years of PreviewLabs came from the United States, it made a lot of sense to expand in this direction. Especially since the other 45% is represented by a range of other countries. So the US is by far the biggest country when it comes to PreviewLabs’ clients.

This graph details the data I was referring to:

Revenue by country for the 2010-2015 period

For PreviewLabs, looking at our client base, it just makes a lot of sense to be represented in the United States. This gives us the opportunity to be closer to the clients here.

Indeed: with the new office in Connecticut, the time difference with our US clientele has been reduced from 6-9 hours to a maximum of 3 hours.

In 6 years you built up PreviewLabs from a two man living room studio to a unique prototyping company with offices around the globe. That must be a satisfying feeling.

It certainly does feel satisfying, especially when looking back at the pictures.

PreviewLabs office in Bernard’s living room, January 2012 (left). A busy day in the PreviewLabs office, April 2016 (right).

For the article in Trends Magazine (in Dutch), I detailed more on the diversity of our work:

We don’t only develop prototypes for video games. We use techniques and principles from game development and apply it to other concepts as well, such as educational software, medical applications, and virtual reality applications. We’re not only technically involved in the development of fast prototypes, but our clients also get advice.

New Haven Office Sunset

From PreviewLabs Inc’s 19th floor view, a long work day is sometimes rewarded with a stunning sunset.

These were the key highlights from both articles, giving a good insight in the international expansion of PreviewLabs. More details can be read in the respective articles.

Make sure to check our blog for more news on PreviewLabs Inc!

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  1. Bernard says:

    Apart from FLEGA and Trends Magazine, Belcham also covered the news:

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