PreviewLabs Prototype Bone Tissue Analyzer Featured on Belgian National Television

Belgian public broadcasting network VRT featured one of our prototypes on their website in a report on the use of augmented reality in a medical context. In the video report, they interviewed Dr. Tom Lootens, who uses a HoloLens headset with the Bone Tissue Analyzer prototype on it to operate on his patients.

PreviewLabs’ work on the Bone Tissue Analyzer project featured on Belgian national news website VRT NWS.

The HoloLens allows Dr. Tom Lootens to use both hands during the surgery.In the clip and article:

  • Tom Lootens mentions the benefits of using the HoloLens in a medical context: namely that it allows him to keep both hands available while working and consulting scans of his patients through voice control.
  • The physician uses the technology now for a specific condition called hallux valgus, which is the nail of your big toe growing towards your little toe instead of straight.
  • The AR headset allows the physician to take pictures and pinpoint problem areas in the bone tissue of his patients. A process that previously was reliant on crude drawings of the problem area.
  • Stijn Michiels from Cronos, our partner in the development of this prototype, explains how AR technology is only in its infancy and has a lot of potential to be used in different medical procedures as well.

You can watch the video and read its accompanying article in Dutch here.

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