Serious and Applied Games

Earlier this month, at Games & Biz – an event aiming to bring the game development communities from Belgium and The Netherlands together – I held a lecture about prototyping for serious or applied games.

PreviewLabs' lecture about prototyping for serious games

Basically, serious games (or ‘applied games’) are games that do not have entertainment as their primary purpose.
Gameplay mechanics are then used to incentivize users, or as an way of bringing a message across.

We’ve prototyped serious games for research (for Yale University’s School of Medicine), education (for Class Compete and Kinection), and for day to day use by company managers (Destrier Studios) and surgeons.

There’s no doubt that this is a growing segment of the games industry – good for roughly 50% of our revenue of the past 12 months!

Prototype for a serious game concept in which knowledge is tested - for Class Compete

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