Siegebreaker Announced by Crazy Monkey Studios

The “Undisclosed tower defense game with a twist” on our projects page is no longer undisclosed! The full game is called Siegebreaker and has been announced recently by our customer Crazy Monkey Studios (CMS).

Siegebreaker’s core concept was conceived at a brainstorm organized by PreviewLabs and was based on a prototype we developed for CMS.

We’re proud to have made our contribution to this game, and we’re glad to see how well CMS filled in the gaps that were left after the prototyping process; the story is really crazy, and the graphics – all drawn frame by frame using old school animation techniques – are very vibrant and colorful.

The following video is the game’s official trailer, showing the final game in action.

Siegebreaker is due for December 2nd and will be released for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices.

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