Dartboard AR Prototype Video

A few months ago, Jonas De Breucker was having his internship at PreviewLabs. One of the tasks for his research project was to create an example prototype using Qualcomm AR, a plug-in for Unity3D to allow development of augmented reality games on smartphones.

We’ve recorded a video demonstrating the example prototype developed by Jonas:

In order to help our customers develop this kind of games, it’s important to have a good insight in how the technology works, and to be aware of the resulting technological limitations.

An overview of some of our findings developing this prototype will be given in a future blog post.

One thought on “Dartboard AR Prototype Video”

  1. Bernard says:

    The article with the findings of Jonas’s research can be found here.

    Meanwhile, Qualcomm AR has been renamed to Vuforia, and has been acquired by PTC for $65 million.

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