Siegebreaker Prototype and Documentation Released

To provide further insight in the prototyping process, we’re sharing the Siege Breaker prototype, developed in 2010 for Crazy Monkey Studios.

Siegebreaker Web Build Screenshot

Note that the original prototype was running on an iPad, but to allow everyone to see it, we’ve created a Unity Web Player build.

This is also the first time that there’s a live example of our tuning system available to play around with in a prototype. Just hit the ESC key while playing the prototype to start changing tuning parameters.

Here are the files:

  • Siegebreaker Prototype Design Document
    The Prototype Design Document contains a summary of what we’ll implement in a prototype, and a list of must-have tuning parameters.
  • Siegebreaker Prototype (requires the Unity Web Player)
    The playable prototype. Have fun!
  • Siegebreaker Design Recommendations
    The Design Recommendations we deliver along with prototype builds capture all the ideas and insights that come up while developing and playtesting a prototype. Often used as basis for a next prototype iteration.

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