Technology Research 2013

Time for some research! Peter Timmerman, Master degree student in Applied Engineering – Computer Science at University College Ghent, joined us a few months ago for his internship and thesis on a range of technologies applicable to game prototyping and game development.

Here are some of the things Peter will have a closer look at:

  • Fast development of race games: We’re anxious to find out more on quickly generating race tracks on the fly!
  • Using sound files as input: For instance to be used in a basic lip sync algorithm, or perhaps to generate a level based on a sound file?
  • Real-time multiplayer: Peter will have a look at SmartFoxS and Exit Games’ Photon Server.
  • Adobe Flash animations in Unity3D: We’ve already tested Iggy (see earlier article), so uniSWF and/or Autodesk Scaleform will be next. At least… if we can get our hands on trial versions.
  • Location based gameplay: Using the iPhone’s GPS and compass, we’ll create a small location based game, perhaps combined with augmented reality.
  • OpenNI: Building upon PreviewLabs’ experience prototyping for the Kinect SDK, Peter will create a playable game prototype using the OpenNI SDK and share it with the community.
  • Smart TVs: The platform of the future? Could be. Eager to learn something about game development on a Samsung Smart TV!
  • Recreating a smartphone’s 3D path: We’ll see how far we get in reconstructing the 3D trajectory of a moving smartphone, solely based on accelerometer and gyroscope data.
  • Gameplay possibilities of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI): We’ll use the NeuroSky MindWave to learn more about how measuring your brainwaves could affect gameplay.
  • Dual screen gameplay: Interested by the gameplay possibilities of recent Wii U and Xbox Smartglass products, we’ll see if there’s an easy way to prototype gameplay using two screens in Unity3D.

In the coming weeks we’ll be making a blogpost for each technology we’ve researched, so stay tuned!

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