The Cronos Group

PreviewLabs is a member of the Cronos Group.

Maybe you haven’t heard yet about Cronos. Not surprisingly; most companies in the group are mainly active in the Belgian market. That’s why I decided to write a blog post about it.

Based near Antwerp, Belgium, Cronos is an IT consulting group of more than 150 companies. Together, we provide jobs to about 2000 people.

Each month, new companies are founded in the group. Most companies are IT services companies, but there’s also a marketing agency, video production company, and we even have our own travel agency.
Innovation is one of the group’s key values, so nearly all of them – including PreviewLabs – are focusing on innovation.

Since 2009, Cronos is taking an interest in the video game industry. That’s how companies like Crazy Monkey Studios (game development) and PreviewLabs (rapid game prototyping) were born.

The advantage for PreviewLabs of being member of the Cronos group, is that they’re doing the entire back office for us. Not having to worry about all the paperwork, we have more time for the fun part of our business: helping our customers to create kick-ass games.

We can also rely on the other companies when helping out a customer. Need to gather some feedback on a prototype from a select group of testers? MonkeyShot can help us out! Want a game prototype for a digital television set-top box? Calibrate to the rescue! Being part of the group makes this all possible.

4 thoughts on “The Cronos Group”

  1. Update: The Cronos Group closed the year of 2011 with a workforce of 2500 people and a growth of about 25% in the last year.

  2. Bernard says:

    Meanwhile, Cronos kept growing – closing the year of 2016 with a revenue of EUR 480 million, or over a half billion USD (compared to EUR 250 million when PreviewLabs was founded in 2010), adding 900 employees to the group in 2016 alone (as also covered in the Financial Times in Belgium – article in Dutch).

    Also, a new website went live – so I updated the link higher in the article as well.

  3. Bernard says:

    A few more links were updated. Also, the Cronos Group currently employs a workforce of about 6000 employees, which includes 1 PreviewLass and 6 PreviewLads 🙂

  4. Bernard says:

    In 2021, Cronos has grown to over 8000 employees and over a billion US dollars in consolidated revenue.

    As of June 1st of 2022, PreviewLabs Inc. is independent, while we continue to collaborate with Cronos for our Belgian payroll needs.

    The URL to Crazy Monkey Studios in the article was updated as well, as they are now known as Rogueside.

    Meanwhile we’ve also grown from 6 to 8 employees at PreviewLabs + more frequent freelancers, so we’re slowly beating Cronos in size. Slow and steady wins the race, they say! 🙃

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