Too Busy to Prototype While in Mid-production?

A few months ago, Bizarre Creations – the studio behind high quality games as Project Gotham Racing 4, Geometry Wars and Blurclosed its doors. Luckily, many former employees seem to have found their way to other companies or new ventures.

In an interesting interview by EDGE magazine, three senior staff members at Bizarre Creations explain some of the issues surrounding the studio’s demise.

Quoting Martyn Chudley, former Creative Director of Bizarre Creations:

… as signing up new projects was a time-consuming and costly venture – affiliating ourselves more closely to a publisher would help provide security [to] safeguard the future, given that there would be no downtime between projects, or needing to go though the whole demo/pitch/negotiate cycle.

To avoid a (long) downtime in between projects we recommend to start prototyping for the next title while the current one is still in mid-production. This allows starting the whole demo/pitch/negotiate cycle earlier.

As the second half of a game’s production cycle usually means a very busy time for the team, it can be very useful to work with PreviewLabs to do the prototyping for the next game.

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about how we can assist you with this.

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