Color Collider Documentation Available

To shed some more light on our prototyping process, I uploaded some additional documents of the Color Cocktail prototype (Color Cocktail was the working title for the game that was released as Color Collider by Capcom Mobile).

The first document is the Prototype Design Document (PDD). This document counts two pages and summarizes the part that had to be prototyped – basically the core mechanics of the game. It also contains a list of tuning parameters to be accessible trough our live tuning system.

To quote the PDD:

Color Cocktail is a physics/logic puzzle game, in which you have to paint balls that are falling from the top of the screen, and make sure the colored balls fall in corresponding buckets at the bottom of the screen.

Two of the sketches from the brainstorm in which Color Cocktail was conceived.

Once the customer, Crazy Monkey Studios, agreed on the contents of the PDD, we started prototyping.

After the prototyping, we delivered a build of the prototype (which can be seen in the video below), along with the documentation for the tuning system and design recommendations.

The prototype was used to test the core mechanics, to find out if it’s possible to create enough interesting puzzles with these mechanics, and to pitch the game concept to publishers.


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  1. The documentation for the Gremlin prototype can be found here.

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