Want to be a Game Prototyping Programmer? We’re Hiring Again!

2018 is shaping up to be a year filled to the brim with exciting projects. We have some interesting VR and AR stuff coming up, engaging mobile games, visual experiences, and much, much more.

So we have the following questions for you:

Do you love to map out fresh ideas and see if they work?
Are you ballsy enough to go ‘where no developer has ever gone before’?
Are you willing to plunge into the world of weird hardware and peripherals?

If the answer is YES to all of the above, it’s simple. Just read the full job description here and apply immediately!

We’re looking for people who’ll be able to work from our HQ in Wetteren, Belgium (close to Ghent) or from our new office in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Here’s a list of reasons why working at PreviewLabs is beyond compare, according to the devs themselves:

  • Huge variation in projects & a smorgasbord of new or experimental hardware.
  • Super-flexible hours (if you want to come in at night, that’s fine for us).

For our Wetteren office specifically:

  • First row seats to the yearly Derny Racing spectacle.
  • Well ventilated office.
  • Never-ending lunchbreak Ultimate Chicken Horse competitions.

And New Haven:

  • Take the elevator to the 19th floor at a speed of 1.05 floors per second.
  • Enjoy the local food carts, and arcade games at the nearby Barcade.

It’s these unruly previewlads you’ll have to work with. Oh boy.

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