GC Lyon

The last meeting just finished for us here at Game Connection in Lyon, and many companies are already leaving.

It has been quite heavy stuff here, with every half an hour an other meeting scheduled in our agenda, and this for almost three full days.
Nobody escaped; even the delicious lunches were bound to a deadline, having to be eaten in time for the next meeting.
It was so busy that I didn’t even have the energy left in the evening to go to the parties with free drinks! Unseen…

Half an hour meetings are quite short to hear each others’ story, but enough for an introduction or to see how things have been going since the last meeting. Yet again, many companies were very interested in our prototypes, and often surprised about how fast we can have their ideas up and running.

It is interesting to hear the issues companies have been having with in-house prototyping.

As it’s key for prototyping to have a quick-and-dirty style of programming, some of the developers I met are having issues with programmers that are used to create well-structured code (which is obviously required for full game development projects). Using this style of programming for prototyping results in prototypes taking months to complete.

Others are lucky to be very busy on ongoing projects, but don’t have the time to prepare properly for their next title. When their project is finished, they have quite a gap to bridge before they can go into full development again.

Time for us to change this and help them deal with any issues they may have, and to help them to be successful and efficient in creating games.

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