Moving into Connecticut’s Woods and a Hunt for Game Prototyping Programmers

If there’s one thing Connecticut is famous for (apart from some great breweries) then it must be its woods where chipmunks and writers alike find retreat. As prototypers we’re definitely no code poets, but we are very much down to earth in our approach, and there’s nothing as refreshing for the mind as a walk in the woods.

A view on the pond by our office and the beautiful fall colors on the way there.

Yes – after starting out with PreviewLabs’s US presence in the Connecticut Financial Center in New Haven in 2016 and subsequently moving to an office space in downtown Milford, we decided to swap the west side of New Haven for the east – still a comfortable 20 some minutes away from the city, and amidst a stunning natural environment.

Apart from the foresty landscapes, our new digs feature a small lake (great for the view and for swimming), a spacious work space, and a pool table. Using special 6 feet long sticks, we social distance while we play this game which involves calling the shots and filling one’s pockets as fast as possible – kind of like in politics.

Our new office space – Chris playing a game of pool over the lunch break.

Unfortunately, one species we didn’t find in the lovely scenery is the Game Prototyping Programmer. Therefore, we’re counting on your help. Do you identify as a Game Prototyping Programmer or have you spotted a marvelous individual of this species in its natural habitat and are aware of its whereabouts? Make sure to reach out.

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