4 Years of Rapid Game Prototyping

Today we’re celebrating the fact that exactly 4 years ago, our company, PreviewLabs was officially registered!

We took a break from work to enjoy some tasty chocolate-caramel cake and a rosé Champagne.

Here are four bits of info about our first four years.

1. PreviewLabs’ Startup Story

In a previous post, we summarized some fun facts about PreviewLabs’ startup story.
You can read the article here: How it All Started

2. Top Blog Posts in the Past Four Years

Here’s the top 4 of the PreviewLabs blog posts, ranked by the amount of page views:

  1. File I/O in Unity3D (40,178 pageviews)
  2. Writing PlayerPrefs Fast (28,626 pageviews)
  3. 2D Game Development in Unity3D: Overview (14,730 pageviews)
  4. Unity and Playmaker (5,264 pageviews)

3. Global Reach

The need for rapid game prototyping seems to be a global one, since game development companies and startups can be found all over the world.
Here’s the list of countries where our past four year clients are based – in no particular order:

Germany, United States, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Canada, Israel

PreviewLabs Clients around the World

4. United States

Since the US is quite much like Europe in that it contains a number of states, and also because the large majority of our clients and revenue come from the US, it makes sense to break it up by state.

Most of the work comes from the San Francisco Bay Area, and also from the larger New York City area. Here’s a full list of the states:

California, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington, Massachusetts, Nevada, Illinois, New York

PreviewLabs Clients in the US

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