Continuing our Expansion: Looking for a Project Manager and Programmer

To keep up with our increased sales efforts from our US office, we’re seeking to bring our team size to new heights and are looking for a Creative Project Manager in Wetteren, Belgium, and a Game Prototyping Programmer in Wetteren or New Haven, Connecticut.

For an overview of some of the perks of working at PreviewLabs, check out our previous post “Want to be a Game Prototyping Programmer?“, or check out interviews with your potential fellow PreviewLads Kasper (project manager), Jannes, Domien, or Matthew (programmers).

The new candidates will be working on prototypes made with game technology, including for several health and VR related projects, some along the lines of those described in this short video:

Expect work on game, app, and VR prototypes for research including for the likes of Yale University and Harvard.

Detailed job descriptions for the positions and practical information can be found here (for the project manager position) and here (for the programmer position).

Is this something for you? Do you know anyone who may be interested in one of these positions? Get in touch through our contact form NOW!

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One thought on “Continuing our Expansion: Looking for a Project Manager and Programmer”

  1. Bernard says:

    Meanwhile the Creative Project Manager position has been filled. Welcome to the team, Maya Goedert!

    Currently still looking for additional Game Prototyping Programmer candidates. Get in touch with your cover letter and resume if you’re interested, or spread this post on your social media if you think you can help out one of your acquaintances!

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