YouTubers Reacting to Rowing Physics in VR

Most people usually don’t notice well implemented physics in a video game unless they are done poorly. It is refreshing to see how some YouTubers actually point out the rowing mechanics in the virtual reality (VR) game Journey For Elysium, for which we prototyped the physics model.

YouTubers react to rowing in Journey For Elysium.

Key to good rowing mechanics in any game is to give you the sensation that the water actually offers you the right amount of resistance. Consequently, you want your virtual boat to respond in an intuitive manner to the strokes of the paddle. Getting this right in VR is even more important, since your brain has certain expectations regarding rowing a boat.

We have talked in the past about how we prototyped for this game. We are happy to see the community responding well to these physics in particular, and were of course also thrilled to see that the game made it to the Forbes Top 50 VR games of 2019, along with Invite Only VR, another project we worked on.

If you are working on a VR project yourself and want to get the physics just right, you can have a look at our previous articles on physics in video games. We did a presentation on the subject at NYU (New York University) and took a deeper dive into the physics of a forklift in VR as well.

If you are looking at some specific physics ideas you want to prototype, reach out to us. We are glad to help you out.

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