Our First Decade

PreviewLabs’s 10th anniversary is today! For the occasion, I went through the list of projects and blog posts of each year, to compile a list of the highlights of the past ten years.

While doing so, I noticed that a lot of the projects weren’t covered yet on our blog, and decided to have this be the start of a series of blog posts to share the most interesting stories of each year. So stay tuned.

For now, here’s the overview of the PreviewLabs highlights of a decade:

  • 2010: Color Collider – first prototype for Crazy Monkey Studios, whose game ended up to be published by Capcom.
  • 2011: Prototyped various games for language learning purposes for Kinection, enabling PreviewLabs to expand from one to two full-time team members.
  • 2012: First of many prototypes for Walt Disney Imagineering R&D and researchers at Yale University. Yale was mentioned for the first time in this 2013 blog post, but our work for Walt Disney Imagineering R&D hasn’t been mentioned until today.
  • 2013: Delivered our first augmented reality prototype – a technical proof of concept for University of York, for a visitor guide to Auckland Castle. Some of the code we wrote made it in the final application. For more information, check out the article in South West Durham News.
  • 2014: Prototyped for a MOBA with 8 vs 8 multiplayer gameplay, which was at the time our longest prototyping project to date.
  • 2015: Delivered our first virtual reality project, and developed a series of prototypes for hybrids between toys and digital games for Seebo Interactive (which has since pivoted into a different direction).
  • 2016: Incorporated PreviewLabs Inc
  • 2017: Prototyped the first multiplayer HoloLens concept: Buggy Blasters while
    PreviewLabs Inc expanding by its first full time the business developer.
  • 2018: Prototyped a series of concept for XRHealth (called VRHealth at the time) for various uses of virtual reality in a medical context.
  • 2019: This was a shiny year, with a lot of highlights: prototyped a series of single and multiplayer prototypes for Wargaming, first project for Google R&D, first US government project (for the National Institutes of Health), and two games we prototyped for made it in the Forbes top 50 VR games of 2019. Somewhere among these we did our first two AI related projects that make use of neural networks through the Tensorflow machine learning platform.
  • 2020: We’ll be able to reflect on the year after we’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve 🙂

3 thoughts on “Our First Decade”

  1. Jerry says:

    Congratulations to you Bernard, and to all who collaborated, with this big achievement!! And to many more decades to come!

  2. Don Tirea says:

    Great work Bernard!

  3. Bernard says:

    Thank you – and a big thanks to the team and everyone who made it possible to stand where we are today.

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